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Question: RobotCAD not start, suggesting that the error is as follows:
Error #: 9
Function: _SoundManager:: Initialize
Answer: RobotCAD the software needed for the operation sound card support. Please check your computer sound card drivers installed.
Question: RobotCAD not start, suggesting that the error is as follows:
Function: D3D9RenderSystem:: initialize
Description: Problems finding requested Direct3D driver!.
Answer: When your computer is to replace over 3D graphics, 3D graphics card or updated drivers, it will find the above-mentioned 3D driver error.
The solution is: Delete x: \ Program Files \ MJStudio \ RobotCAD directory ogre.cfg file (x is installed on your system drive letter). Then start the RobotCAD, in the pop-up dialog box to set display resolution, and then be able to properly enter the RobotCAD the.
Question: RobotCAD when you click the screenshot button to run the program error out.
Answer: RobotCAD software can not be installed in the Chinese directory. Please re-install the software RobotCAD.
Question: RobotCAD the settings change the display resolution to determine the last point, the resolution has not changed?
Answer: Change RobotCAD display resolution will take effect the next time into the software.
Question: From the RobotDK back RobotCAD software, a blank screen?
Answer: Because some versions of the display driver problem, will lead to the window to switch back to RobotCAD software, the window does not refresh, but appears blank.
Answer: Solution is simple, any problem on the screen click the mouse, the window will immediately refresh, RobotCAD return to normal display.
Question: After pressing the controller's power button and nothing happens.
Answer: Under normal circumstances, press the red power button on the controller, the controller on the red light, and issued the sound of dripping. If the response does not appear, please check the battery box in the direction of the battery installed correctly? Corresponds to the battery negative spring. The battery power is sufficient? Single cell voltage is not less than 1.4V. If you are using external power supply, please check the power plug is a good contact.
If these methods do not resolve the problem, please contact us.
Question: After pressing the controller's power button red light, but not the sound of dripping.
Answer: Please check the press the controller's green run button, the green light is bright. If the green light, the failure may be due to the controller speaker problems, please contact us to replace. If the green light does not shine, there may be failure of the controller firmware, please contact us to replace.
Question: Press the controller's green run button, the edge of the yellow light has been flickering?
Answer: the yellow light flashing, said controllers there is no program. Please use RobotDK then press the Run button to download program. If you have already downloaded the program, the occurrence of the yellow light flashing, then it may be the controller firmware failure, please contact us to replace.
Question: press the green run button on the controller, the green light has been flickering?
Answer: green light flashing means that the program is already running an end. If you want the program to run continuously, please add an infinite loop in the program instruction.
Question: Press the yellow download button on the controller, the yellow light does not light up?
Answer: If at this time the green light was lit on the controller, the controller is in the running, it is impossible to enter the download state. Press the run button, the green light extinguished, the controller entered the stopped state. At this point take over the download button, amber lighting, controls access to the download status. If the stop mode, press the download button, the yellow light is still no light, the controller firmware failure may occur, please contact us to replace.
Question: issued when the controller is running a continuous toot toot sound, accompanied by the power of flashing lights and running lights, or the issue of the long drop sound.
Answer: the battery voltage is too low, the controller can not function properly. Please replace the battery, or use an external power supply.
Question: RobotDK error after clicking the download button.
Answer: First, please check the choice of serial numbers correct? Serial download cable and the computer connection is reliable? Download Cable have broken? Controller has to press the download button, enter the download status? Choosing the right download com port?
If you are using a USB-to-serial conversion cable, due to USB converter cable is less stable, you need to turn off controller power, and then re-enter the download state power, and then click the Download button, and tried several times over.
Question: program runs, the motor does not turn?
Answer: Please check the electrical connection port and procedures consistent set of ports? Battery power is sufficient?
Question: photosensitive sensor no signal?
Answer: The effective role of the photosensitive sensor distance of 8mm, please adjust the light-sensitive sensor is installed.
Question: light sensors always have signal?
Answer: light sensors are vulnerable to sunlight or strong fluorescent interference, please note that ambient light when the robot is running.
Question: voice-activated sensor insensitive?
Answer: In order to avoid environmental noise interference, voice-activated sensor will only react to the sound intensity of 2.4KHz. Because people whistle when the difference between strong and weak airflow would result in whistle voice of the frequency change. Please try the strength of kinds of ways do not whistle to find voice-activated sensor responsiveness frequency.
Question: Press the power switch, power lights, but the download button and run buttons are invalid
Answer: Press the power switch, please do not press the download button or the Run button. Please re-open the power switch.


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